English is a global language is spoken widely all across the world. Whatever be your role- student, parent, migrant, employee or job seeker, Grey Matter’s English course will empower you to communicate more effectively.

Designed to suit to every student, the course is flexible and can be adapted to each person’s need and requirement. Our English Trainers are experienced professionals and have in-depth knowledge of the language and its usage.

Grey Matter’s Spoken English training and English Writing Skills training are available at the year around.

Our focus is on your benefit from the course and we add an extra element of sincerity from our side in order to make sure that your ambition is fulfilled, provided you have the willingness to take some effort.

Our unique ways of assessment help us to group our students effectively so that it is ensured that you are attended individually.

We have two different levels in English courses Beginners and Advance.

Skills Set







  1. Grammar

  2. Sentence Formation

  3. Speaking/Writing

  4. Group discussion

  5. Debate

  6. Vocab building

  7. Communication Skills

  8. Pronunciation

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